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Monday, February 28, 2005

Could we have less of The Times of India in Mediaah: BusinessWorld

Vanita Kohli Khandekar’ s media column in the latest issue of BusinessWorld talks of Mediaah! having “floated back into existence in January this year”. It then goes on to say that the “site is juicy as usual, full of gossip and tidbits about media”, but “could we have less of The Times of India?” Why not other radio, TV, film, Internet and TV software entities?

“TOI is not the only interesting publisher in India, even though it is the largest and you get lots of readers from there,” she says. Agree wholeheartedly, Vanita.

There are many reasons why Mediaah! has so much of Times:

1. Other organisations don’t have so many newsworthy (and bizarre) things happening within
2. It’s the largest print player and the most influential of them, so it makes sense covering it
3. There isn’t as much happening elsewhere.
4. People from the Times are more keen on others knowing about what’s happening internally
5. There’s are many interesting events in the North East… how much of all of it do we cover? Why doesn’t BusinessWorld or for that matter any other publication cover the patch-up of only the likes of Anil and Mukesh Ambani and not two paanwallahs on the road. The paanwallahs could also be as prosperous and popular?

But, we get the message, Vanita. And we’ll try and have lesser of the Times.

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